Friday, June 27, 2008

Write your name with pictures

This is real cute and creative way to make a wall art piece that is all about you. This would be great for a kid's bedroom or playroom. No need to limit it to just a name. Spell out any word to fit the area you are designing.
Creative Wall Art: Your Name in Pictures: Design Talk

Here’s a creative idea for your walls that displays a name in a unique and artistic way. Because a picture (or 10 pictures, in our case) is worth a thousand words, why don’t we just show you the example first:What we did. We chose photos of each of the letters in “DesignTalk,” then framed and hung them together to make a personalized photo arrangement.

How we did it.
You can go so many directions with this idea. For example:

Pick your word:

  • a family last name for a living room, kitchen, or entryway
  • a child’s name for a bedroom
  • a teen’s nickname for a teen room
  • a word to coordinate with a theme room (for example, “kick” for a soccer room, “fashion” for a fashion bedroom, “princess” for a little girl’s room, etc.)
  • a sports team name for a basement, den, or game room (choose pictures from sports venues to complete the look)
  • a business name for an office
  • an inspirational word for a home office, home gym, homeschool room, or classroom

Pick your photos:

  • Take your own pictures of shapes around your home or town that form the letters in your name (see an example here).
  • Enlist your children to help you seek out letters they like to create a name for their room.
  • Visit a photo site like istockphoto to search out photos in colors or themes you’re looking for.

Print your photos:

Use your favorite photo printer [We are assuming this means Mighty Imaging] to order the photos in the sizes you’re looking for. If you have the wall space, an easy arrangement would be to order 8×10″ photos and hang them in coordinating frames.

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