Friday, May 02, 2008

Tyson Crosbie now on Mighty Imaging

Tyson Crosbie recently relocated to the Phoenix area. He had previously resided in Austin, Texas. We are excited to have his talent added to our growing metropolis. Tyson's style of photography is unique. He takes abstractions from the urban landscape and creates a new interpretation of the object. You can get lost in some of the colors and textures.

His new Phoenix series was just released on May 1st. I love how he was able to tie in the feel of the southwest in to the subjects he chose to use for his images. His art is available for purchase through our Shop for Art program. One really cool feature about Tyson's art is that each image is a one off edition. Meaning that once it is sold that is the only time it will ever be printed. You will truly be buying an original and one of a kind piece of art.

A stunningly beautiful new series of 20 abstract photographs from Phoenix artist and commercial photographer Tyson Crosbie. Created within the City of Phoenix and capturing the unseen beauty of urban living. In essence he creates a portrait of the City of Phoenix that is both hopeful and truthful. He utilizes digital technology in a traditional process to create straight images of object found through observation. With allusions to the abstract expressionist movement and such painters as Motherwell, Rothko, Reinhardt, Johns, Pollack and Stills they will complement any design. Produced with the intent of large format display you could easily build a room around one of these or complement a current theme. Read what the critics say here:

And then order your print today.

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