Friday, May 09, 2008

Gregory Crewdson photography

One thing I love about the CBS Sunday Morning News is that every week they will run a feature on an artist. It could be a musician, a painter, or in this case a photographer; Gregory Crewdson.

You have probably seen Gregory's work even if you did not realize it was his. If Gregory's work looks like an out take of a movie you may have seen, or a dream that you can't quite recall, that is not an accident. Crewdon's shoots take on epic proportions. A crew of 40 people spend hours composing each shot in order to capture that one surreal glimpse in to the imaginary world Crewdson has created. Most of his shots are taken at twilight to add to the eerie dream like feel.

Crewdson shoots his scenes on 8x10 sheet film which are then scanned so it can be refined digitally. He then makes 7 foot prints out of the image, "We print them this size because it's like...well to me it's like a picture window". When faced with a 7 foot print there is nothing to get in between the viewer and the art. It allows the viewer to construct the story themselves. Since more questions than answers are presented in Crewdson's work, in many ways they are like ink blots, each image can have thousands of different interpretations depending the individual viewer.

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