Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mighty Imaging featured in The Big Picture Magazine

In the February 2009 issue of The Big Picture Magazine, their feature article focused on the 'art' of fine-art printing. Mighty Imaging was honored to be asked to share some of our ideas and techniques that have made fine-art printing a successful venture for us. Our many thanks to Clare Baker, who wrote the article, and to The Big Picture Magazine for asking us to participate.

The Big Picture does not post their magazine on line. Here are some excerpt from the article.

Fine Art from All Angles - Clare Baker

It's safe to say that fine-art printing is not for everyone, regardless of whether you've been in the business of wide-format printing for just months or you've spent dozens of years in the output arena. Besides the printer, media, and inks required for fine-art printmaking, the print provider must devise and accurate proofing process, be sensitive to the needs of fine-artists, and, of course, cultivate a viable client base, all of which can be a pricey and time-consuming undertaking. Fine-art printing, one might say, is an art within itself.

Mighty Imaging (mightyimaging.com), in Phoenix, also serves a more commercial demographic. Owner Peter Fradin says that his shop, which opened in 2005, serves those "who need the very best imaging on a large scale." He elaborates, "I felt that the large-format channel was being filled by sign shops and repro houses rather than true masters of color and printing, to detriment of fine art, high-end retail display, and interior design." His clients range from graphic designers "whose passion and vision get lost without high-quality output"; national Web-based companies with products that require printing and shipping; corporate wall-art programs that produce artwork and murals for lobbies, offices, conference rooms, and board rooms; architects and interior designers; and rounding out his client base, photographers and fine-artists. "I try to be solution-based when making a sale," says Fradin. "We are constantly bringing fresh ideas to market...At the end of the day [our shop is prepared] to produce all types of graphics and prints."

Looking Ahead

If you're still only in the deciding or planning stages of adding fine-art printing capabilities to your shop, it would not be surprising if you're hesitant to do so given the current economic climate. Even the most successful print providers are probably feeling their business soften as the economy continues to slow. While only you can judge what is best for your shop, the shops we spoke with are finding unique ways to keep as well as find business during these times.

Mighty Imaging's Fradin, for instance, has settled on an arguably bullish way to deal with the slowing markets: "We have decided not to participate in the recession," he jokes. Despite what he acknowledges as trying times, he's doubling the shop's marketing efforts in hopes of identifying those artists and businesses that are looking for a higher level of quality from their current large-format fine-art print provider. "We're in the process of acquiring the best technology and latest equipment to make those folks' vision a reality," he says. "I know I'm incurring a great risk right now in trying to grow my business in the current economic environment-but as I see it, if our efforts here don't make our customers money, then we really haven't done our job."

We were also flattered that they selected an image of work we have done for Stuart Anthony Black of the PANGEA Gallery to illustrate their point for the article.

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