Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Queen Creek murals leave a Mighty big impression

What was once the quiet, rural, country Town of Queen Creek Arizona is growing so fast that the staff at the City Hall are having a devil of a time just keeping up. The Town wished to purchase three new wall murals that depict the current Town limits, the Town's planning area, and outlying areas. Accuracy was critical since everybody from the Mayor on down would use these murals on a daily basis in assisting with the future build out of their little town.

Brian Sovik, GISP of AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc. (a worldwide leader in design and project management infrastructure) headed the project with aerial imagery provided by Air Photo USA. Working closely with Ms. Shawny Ekadis, GIS manager of the Town of Queen Creek, Mighty Imaging produced and installed all three 72"x91" murals. These murals, printed on our LightJet were accurate within one millimeter per eight foot of paper and were mounted on 1/8" masonite. After applying a luster laminate we built a bolt together museum back for easy installation.

The vibrancy of the images were incredible and the graphics identifying the Town's limits and future planning areas seemed to jump off the wall. If you want your town to grow start with some Mighty Big Images. Put them out front and center, then watch as one person after another marvels at the future opportunities that become apparent with a large wall mural.

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