Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kevin Dyer featured in Art-Talk

Kevin Dyer is one the artists in our For Sale Gallery. He has beautiful photography that he has collected over his many travels around the world. Some truly stunning images. We are not the only ones that think so. Art-Talk, a publication out of Scottsdale Arizona, that markets to art connoisseurs featured Kevin in their April issue.

Arizona photographer Kevin Dyer began his interest in fine art photography while living in Thailand. "I wanted to document the adventure I was living every day, not just by taking snapshots, but by making photographs that lived up to the inspiration I was feeling. Photographs that would be hanging in my house someday." he says.

He has photographed everything from Thailand to Mt. Everest to Brazil, and his travels have had a profound effect on his work. "For me, there has always been a symbiotic relationship between travel and photography, one inspires me to do the other," says Dyer.

-full story by Alexis Quintana for Art-Talk

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