Friday, February 02, 2007

New images added to For Sale gallery

As the weather changes (yes the weather does change in Arizona) our gallery of artists hit the roads to capture the sensual beauty and romance of Mother Nature. Our very own Christine Taft, an award winner in her own right, has posted some new images that truly inspires and awes the heart and soul.

Her newest work ranges from the breathtaking majesty of Easter Snow (a piece that she has already sold – Congrats!) Golden Water, First Light, Living Water, and Flying High to the mesmerizing and entrancing Pink Lady, Purple Lace, Rising Up and so many more.

Simply beautiful and so simple to view, just go to Christine's gallery and enjoy!


Rebecca said...

Christine we love your new site. We've always been among your biggest fans. Good luck with your photography.

Rebecca said...

Christine, we love your work. Good luck with your new site.

SusanJ said...

Christine Taft's work is awesome! The "Calm of Fall" captures beautifully the serenity of this peaceful scene. With "Solo Flight" one can imagine the tranquility of being there up in the air. Her close-ups, such as "Orchid Star", "Pink Ice", and "Ginger Man", reveal such detail and depth that now I find myself looking closer at all of Nature's Artistry because of her incredible photos. I cannot wait to see more of Christine's work!