Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mighty Imaging and the PHOTOtool

Aaaah... a marriage made in, well, you know. Mighty Imaging has a great plan for helping photographers sell more images... let photographers show their images on the MI site, and offer excellant printing and lightning fast delivery for designers, art buyers and consumers world wide.
But finding a web solution was more than a bit daunting. After searching a bunch of solutions, MI finally settled on the PHOTOtool for the favorites/shopping cart functionality. Initially the PHOTOtool was unable to achieve the functionality that was necessary for this multiple photographer site. Daniel altered a couple of areas in the code and it is working fine now. You can see it in action on the site now. Check out the gallery feature and find an image to print for your wall.
(Full disclosure: While I blog here at Mightyimages, I am also an owner of the PHOTOtool. We had originally thought that the PHOTOtool would not be a good match for MI, but in the end, with a bit of customization, it seems to work well.)

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