Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Feral Flowers

Hey. you like landscape photography? You like wildflowers? You like desert floors covered with color? Good. We do too. We think they make great statements when printed as wide as possible. Need some inspiration, or just want to see some amazing desert floral images? Here ya go.
Feral Flowers - Desert Wildflowers - Visions of Ephemeral Eden - Landscape Photography: "This rare wildflower landscape portfolio represents a 20-year historical documentation of a phenomenon in the Californian deserts known as 'carpet blooms', the surreal display of flowers on a scale and magnitude unseen anywhere else on Earth. A Force of Nature born from an extreme land of mountains, deserts, faultlines and sporadic seasonal rains, a unique biodiverstiy hotspot listed by Conservation International as endangered.

Most of these landscape vistas so revered by Native Americans and romanticized by early Californian explorers have only appeared once in 20 years of photographing them. Many seasons these inconstant flowers appear in different locations, even after winters of copious rain there may be none at all. The same density or type of wildflowers may never bloom for 25 to 100 years.

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