Thursday, June 29, 2006

Metallic Heaven

This is a post I just did at my Blog. Full disclosure is that I am currently working with Mighty Imaging on their web site and gallery project. However, this post is about the Kodak Metallic Papers that I am using for my new portfolio.

it's what I do...:

"Metallic Heaven
You may think that it sounds more like a rock band name than a state of mind, but that is what I thought when I saw my portfolio prints on metallic paper. Heaven. The color was amazing and the black & white and sepia prints were simply astounding.

I am developing a new portfolio and I decided to try the new metallic paper for the prints. I have them printed from inkjet and they were beautiful. But I had seen a few prints at a lab that were truly amazing in the sharpness and color saturation. I wondered if there would be a big difference in my work, so I took a few files over for some test prints."

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