Thursday, June 15, 2006

Large Prints at your Fingertips

We Mighty Imagers are mighty proud of our new gallery. In this gallery you will be able to select images for printing immediately. Mighty is offering these images in a wide variety of pricing and sizes.

Each photographer has his/her own gallery of images and the pricing is set by the photog (inclusive of our normal print prices) so you just pick an image and we can have it out to you in 48 hours.
Mighty Imaging: Large Format Printing for Photographers, Corporate and Design Applications: "Need a large image for a corporate installation, boardroom, tradeshow or even for wall art,? Take a look at our gallery of images. We represent images from some of the best photographers in the nation."
If you are a photographer looking for another venue for showing and selling your work, contact Stephanie and she will set you up.

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