Wednesday, November 26, 2008

René Payán added to Mighty Imaging

René Payán's work is a departure from many of the artists in our Shop for Art gallery. At first glance you may think you are looking at a shot of Phoenix at sunset or Monument Valley on a pristine day. What may take you a second to register is that these images are digitally created. Many of Rene's images are so photo realistic that part of you thinks you may have been there before. Other images are definitely part of a world created solely by Rene's design. They are imaginative, captivating, and look amazing when printed.

The artistic components of color, form and composition dominate his images, which combine Arizona’s natural beauty with the height of computer technology. As the volcanoes imposed their magnificence in the midst of modern life in the busy city of Puebla, home of his youth, so does René Payán propose to blend the natural beauty of the Arizona desert with the image making methods available through high tech design. The result is over 300 virtual landscapes inspired by the awesome vistas of our amazing Arizona countryside and desert.

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