Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shop with your eyes

You may not think that large graphics can help you sell clothes, but they can. Jeff Grant from Trio Display illustrates how to create an effective clothing display. Adding visual interest to your display can help you tell the story of your product, and in turn sell more of those items you want to promote.
The ABCs of Clothing Displays: by Jeff Grant

If variety is the spice of life, it’s the cayenne pepper of clothing display. Monotonous, uninspired presentation leads to flat sales and flatter profits.

We encourage our clients to mix the displays to once again create wall texture that is more compelling then a long slatwall covered with faced out t-shirts. You have to mix things up. Try creating merchandising areas in 4′W x 8′H story sections. Use selected fixtures to tell a story that may include:

Clothing displayed face out
Clothing side hung
Folded clothing
Accessories on a shelf
A life style photo or brand graphic.

The story might be about T’s, travel, men’s women’s, trunks, dresses, suits, etc. The message will vary as will the product but the type of fixtures chosen and the presentation will be what captures the attention of your customer.

Large graphics should be incorporated into the layout, especially if yours is a lifestyle store. Use vendor graphics or go with a royalty free site such as to acquire relevant images that can make your clothing presentation sing.

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