Friday, March 23, 2007

Is it fine art if it is created in the computer?

Much like when photography first entered the art scene, digital art is now challenging many people's conception about the definition of fine art. This is a great write up from the people at We Make Money Not Art blog.

A conversation about exhibiting and selling digital fine art:
Reto and i stepped out of the gallery and wondered whether a space that focuses on digital art was viable. Does it follow the same economical model as any other gallery? Does it have a market? A future? [DAM] is a bit isolated in the art gallery landscape (at least in Europe as New York, for example, has Bitforms and the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery) so how does it work? I then decide to contact Wolf Lieser, the gallery owner and curator, and asked him if he'd find some time to answer my questions. I'll never thank him enough for his enthusiasm, the way he supports and promotes digital artists and for reminding me that the discipline is already some 40 years old. Here's an overview of our conversation....

To check out some digital art from one of our Mighty Artist's take a look at Bonnie Mitchell's gallery.

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