Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Featured Photographer: David H Smith

(Full disclosure: David is a good friend of mine.)

Last year David was part of the "Through Each Other's Eyes" project here in Phoenix. Loosely explained, it is a photogapher swap... Arizona photographers spend a week in another country and the photographers from that country come here for a week. Yeah, there's more to it than that, but go to the site and read about it.

David went to Ireland. He had a great time in a small town, and captured many images that captivate the imagination. I am lucky enough to have a few large prints in my office at home. They take me to a place I have never been and yet it seems so familar. But, that is what David does. He takes images that make us feel familiar with the subject, as if we've somehow known it before. And yet he offers a little twist that intrigues us. See the shot of the old man on the road... familiar - yes, but there is something more to the image... a feeling of distance and age.

See David's work on his website and visit the gallery at Mighty Imaging.

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